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CRDN of Greater Saint Louis is a division of Jim's Formal Wear LLC, the nation's largest wholesale supplier of men's formalwear. In business since 1964, Jim's has cleaned and maintained literally hundreds of thousands of tuxedos. Our foundation is built upon 40+ years of experience in dry cleaning utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology.
Jim's FOrmal Wear Corporate Headquarters
Corporate Headquarters
Trenton, Illlinois
Skilled Restoration Drycleaning Experts
Even the smallest catastrophe can be a harrowing experience and a major inconvenience for a homeowner. Odors, stains, and mold can threaten clothing, draperies and other fabric items throughout the house. CRDN of Greater Saint Louis is a member of the Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network (CRDN), a national organization of highly skilled, proficient drycleaners specializing in the restoration of clothing and other fabric items damaged by fires and floods. With comprehensive training from CRDN combined with the most advanced technology and processes, we have become restoration drycleaning experts.
Efficient & Convenient
As a member of CRDN, we work in concert with insurance companies to settle claims efficiently. Responding to disaster scenes with a 24-hour pick-up service that is available seven days a week, we compile a comprehensive inventory of damaged clothing and fabric articles, clean the items, store them until the homeowner is ready for them, and then return the items to their original location. The process is very convenient for the homeowner.
We Clean Items Most Drycleaners Would Declare Unsalvageable
Our recovery rate is the highest in the garment restoration industry. We tackle items that other drycleaners would declare unsalvageable. To date, we have saved more than 95 percent of the items that we've cleaned.
Restoring Memories
Specialized equipment and cleaning procedures enable us to restore even the most difficult types of items - suede, leather, garments with sequins, purses, shoes, stuffed animals, intricate draperies, valances and cornice boards.
Just as importantly, sentimental items such as wedding dresses and other heirlooms have a chance of surviving fires and floods because of the effectiveness of the equipment and procedures at removing odor, grime, mildew and soot.
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The Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network is a national leader in insurance restoration drycleaning services. Its members handle thousands of restoration jobs each year, and the organization is on the approved vendor list of most major homeowner insurance companies in the United States.
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