CRDN of Greater St. Louis
ur Processes:
Guaranteed Clean or It's Free
First and foremost, we will guarantee that every garment is returned clean (to the satisfaction of the adjuster) or it’s FREE!
Call 877-737-8873...
when you need us for a job. Your call will be answered anytime day or night!
Normal Pick-Up Is Within 24 Hours
Plus, we have the ability to be on-site for pick-up within a few hours if needed.
Item Identification
Upon arrival, we’ll complete a room by room inventory and identify all items. By request, we’ll handle first those items designated as 'Rush Orders.'
In most scenarios, items that are originally hanging on hangers are cleaned, pressed, professionally finished and returned on a hanger. Those items located in dressers or bureaus will be laundered according to garment tag specifications and returned to the original location.
Secure Storage
Items will be stored in a secured facility until the cleaning process is complete and it’s time for delivery.
Quick Turn-Around
We can provide the client with a 2-3 days’ supply of clothes within 24 hours. Two weeks’ worth of clothes can be returned in 4 business days.
Our delivery methods will be complete - we’ll return hanging clothes to the correct closet and laundered items to the correct room.
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